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Kaliopi Pappas

Mega Alexander Foods

Mega Alexander Foods began as an entrepreneurial venture in 2007. The company’s founder and chef, Kaliopi Pappas, or "Popi," was raised with a Mediterranean culinary background by her grandmother and mentor, Maria Pappas. Maria created a long-standing, revered reputation for outstanding culinary service, preparing Grecian Delights by the thousands for her Orthodox Church community in Los Angeles. Kaliopi’s passions and experience for culinary service grew as her paternal family opened successful Mediterranean restaurants in California, including the famous “Diana’s at the Plaza ’’ in beautiful Carmel. Her Greek Family roots found her in the hospitality industry for 20 years working in numerous hotels and restaurants.


Kaliopi subsequently developed a lifelong passion for cooking and service. She has been an ongoing student of the preservation of the environment, nutrition, alternative healing, Ayurveda and metaphysics. Her motto " Let food be thy Medicine." is evident and incorporated into all of her dishes and products. Mega Alexander Foods Catering was proceeded by her creation of an authentic Gourmet Grecian Product line that was widely retailed in various supermarkets across Canada in the early years. It led her to cater for her community, the Society of Christian Schools BC, their administration, members and families. She has become known through recommendation for her excellent service, bountiful and extraordinary wedding buffets, and high quality of food and presentation. Mega Alexander Foods focus is on the Gold Star Mediterranean diet, staying true to homemade and authentic recipes with bountiful buffets consisting of a variety of Mediterranean meze, lush platters of fruits and vegetables, and flavorful dishes of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean fusion.


Her Presentations scream “ Mega” being the Greek culinary equivalent of Love! Everything created at Mega Alexander Foods is all-natural and handmade, with the highest quality ingredients for optimal flavor and nutritional value. Kali has catered numerous events and weddings, bringing her love, enthusiasm, and heritage to her clients.

Company Founder and Chef

It's personal.

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create a menuthat fits your
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Locally sourced produce and the freshest ingredients means food that is exceptional in taste.

Mega Alexander Foods
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